Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Virtual Tripping; Old Car Goodness

Danno, over at Sand Castle Scrolls, took a weekend trip to the Grand Canyon, and has graciously shared photos he took at the Grand Canyon Valle airstrip. This 1906 REO shows off the technology of the early years of automobiles. This car has a one cylinder engine, it is water cooled, has right hand drive, and the final drive is by chain.

This 1922 Maxwell is a real beauty. I think it is a newer model than Mr. Benny's.

The 1908 Buick has a four cylinder, overhead valve engine. Note that this car still has right hand drive, gas headlights, and kerosene marker lights.

The 1912 Model T Ford Depot Hack shows Henry's switch to left hand drive. Left hand drive allowed motorists to stop and visit face to face along the road. Were there surfers to drive woodies in 1912?

1917 Model T Speedster

1925 Model T Delivery Truck

1926 TT One Ton Ford Truck

Model T Depot Hack
This depot hack bears an uncanny resemblance to the beater hack in my last Model T post, but it is a bit more polished.
Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Danno! Visitors to this page can click over to Danno's site by clicking on SandCastleScrolls in the blog list on the left side of the screen.

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