Friday, February 11, 2011

Gun Blogger Rendezvous VI: You Don't Want To Miss It!

Gun Blogger Rendezvous attendees all know Bea, and they also know that she is passionate about her Ruger Blackhawk .45 Convertible.  Most folks find it surprising that that True Blue Sam's 110 pound mother shoots a big bore revolver until they give it a try, then, of course, they want one, too.  It is a joy to shoot!  How does a grandmother who never shot a pistol before make the leap to a .45 that could hang on Marshall Dillon's hip?
Bea was widowed in 2005, and made the decision to stay in her home, and that required being able to protect herself if an intruder broke in, so she took up shooting pistols at age 77.  She started out with a little .22 auto, and then went shopping for a .22 revolver.  She found a 1973 vintage Ruger Single Six at the Coralville Scheel's store and discovered that she really loved shooting a single action revolver. 
Scheel's had a .45 Convertible Blackhawk when Bea went shopping for a centerfire pistol, and it seemed like a good choice, since it would have less muzzle blast than a .357, and the big slow bullets produce manageable recoil in a steel framed gun.  It turned out to be a fantastic choice for a house gun.
(Photo Credit: Deb)
She fell in love with this pistol the first time out on the range.  The recoil is easy to handle, the grip and the big hammer are friendly to small, arthritic hands, and you can hit what you are shooting at. Bea also discovered that other shooters don't pick up their .45 auto brass, so she went home with lots of empty brass that she could reload.
Rolling her own loads makes shooting even more enjoyable, and picking up free brass makes every range trip an adventure.  Are you beginning to want a .45 Convertible Blackhawk now?  Good!
Lori Petoske, the Marketing Communications Manager for Sturm Ruger Firearms, represented Ruger at GBR V last September.  Lori really hit it off well with all of the attendees, and this connection to Ruger gave Mom an idea.  She has had the time of her life at the Rendezvous, and she wants to give even more to the event to help Project Valour-IT, so she decided to purchase a Convertible Blackhawk to be raffled off at GBR VI next September.  Lori Petoske, and Ken Jorgensen of Ruger have made arrangements with Bea to provide a certificate for a new Ruger Blackhawk .45 Convertible to one lucky person at the Rendezvous this year.  The winner will have to be a registered attendee, and must also be present on the evening of the raffle.  Ruger will ship the gun to an FFL for the winner.  Bea promises not to grab the certificate if her ticket is drawn first!  Blackhawks are excellent pistols for hunting, recreational shooting and home defense.  Shoot one, and you will want one.  Come to the Rendezvous and maybe you will win one!


Kevin said...

Damn, I love Bea!

I'll be there again this year. Maybe I'll win a gun for once!

Gun eTools said...

That's awesome! Looking forward to seeing you and Bea again this year!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing woman! Please pass along my best wishes!!!