Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This New Ruger Is Guaranteed To Aggravate Your Gun-Itch!

Jeff Quinn of Gunblast has posted a YouTube review of an exciting new model from Ruger. This Shopkeeper version of the Bearcat has a bird-head grip, and it really improves the Bearcat for ease of packing around on your hip.  Twenty-twos have been getting quite a bit of attention lately as a viable option for self defense, and they are fun and economical to shoot.  Single action revolvers are very user friendly for folks who have trouble racking the slide and manipulating controls on semi-autos, and you can get off your first shot just as fast with a single action revolver as you can with other pistols.  The Shopkeeper is available from Lipsey's, and you will need to go to their website to locate a Lipsey's dealer near you.  You can Click Here to go to the Gunblast website to read Jeff's review, and it is time well spent, with chronograph information for a variety of .22 ammo out the three inch barrel of this little gun.

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