Thursday, January 7, 2016

We Didn't Have Enough To Do... we signed up to be foster parents for wayward Schipperkes. A few days later, Junior moved in with us. He is a ten-year-old Schip whose family had to move and couldn't take him. He was in an animal shelter when he was rescued, so we have kept him isolated from the other pets for ten days, just in case he picked up any bugs in the shelter. He is being introduced to the cats and dogs now, and he is very good-natured. He likes cats and wants to get along with the dogs, but the other Schips don't want to get along with him. No fights, though.

He is a big Schip, and looks and acts much like our first Schip, Merky, who we got as a pup in 1976. We might fail as foster parents and want to keep this boy.


Merle Morrison said...

Good to see Patty out & about! Is that a pond or a river in the background?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

That's the pond at Pattie's home. It makes for a good view from her porch.