Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumn Is Icumen In

Fall colors are off to a slow start, but there is color if you know your species.  Virginia creeper puts out plenty of red before the trees change, but most people miss it amongst all the green.  This one is in a green ash, and it will be yellow in a few more days.  White ash is just beginning to turn purple.

Red maple has started its show.  It will be red, orange, and yellow.  Sweetgum has begun changing, and it also shows several colors, usually on the same tree.  It will be purple, yellow, and red.  Most trees are still green in Southern Illinois, but if you are driving around this weekend, the money shots are sumac bushes, and sassafras trees on timber edges and in fence rows.  Both of those species are showing off now.  Persimmon has not gone yellow yet, but the persimmons have turned orange, and are pretty to look at.  It's still a bit early to pick them.

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