Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Can You See It?

Click on the first pic and look up in the fork on the right tree (black oak snag).  Do you spot things like this when you are out in the woods?  Landowners are always amazed when I point out the animals hiding overhead, and I really don't know why these things stand out to me.  I trip a lot when I'm in the woods because I do look up more than I look down.

Here it is.  We seem to be covered up in coons the last few years.

Not too many people hunt or trap them now, and the numbers are really up.

Coons, skunks, possums, and coyotes are all nest predators, sucking eggs and eating baby birds.  I think the depression in the fur market is the reason that we are seeing fewer wild turkeys the last few years.

Here's another one, up in a squirrel's leaf nest in a hickory tree. Squirrels like to suck eggs, too, and not very many people hunt squirrels.  Funny thing about these coons.  You can whistle, yell, stomp, and they just go right on taking their nap.  Squirrels will scoot around a tree and try to stay out of sight, but coons don't care.

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Joe Mama said...

Fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting.