Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Brassman Bart: Washington Post March, by John Philip Sousa,

"Hello! This week's number is the Washington Post March, written by John Phillip Sousa, performed by me, Brassman Bart, using Audacity multi track virtual recording system. All parts are performed by me , and yes, I used all 18 tracks this week. This was written in 1889, copyright renewed in 1917, and yes, it is public domain and the written music is available free of charge at Parts covered in this performance: solo cornet, 2nd cornet, 3rd cornet, 1st trombone, 2nd trombone, 3rd trombone, and euphonium; these parts were performed with my classic York euphonium; tuba, using my Eb Climax Brand American made tuba; bass drum, covered using cowbell; drums, covered using tambourine, and cymbal. This is a very popular American march. Please like, please share, and please subscribe to my channel. This week's trivia questions are at the start of the video, and the answers to last week's trivia are at the end. Thank you for viewing and listening. Brassman Bart "


John in Philly said...

Very nice, thank you for your time and for sharing your skills.

Years and years ago my music teacher wife asked me if I could combine two songs and speed up the second one to match the first one.
After some serious head scratching I found Audacity and got the job done.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

My brother loves his tuba. He got his start in music with a used harmonica and an instruction book with a bunch of old songs. He always has had a head for it. His director in the Air Force put the music for Stars and Stripes Forever and asked if he could play the piccolo part. Ben told me how he did that, and it involves mental gymnastics that I don't understand. He plays his metronome through the earphones so the parts coordinate when he puts them together.