Sunday, January 16, 2022

Maybe You Get The Day Off...


For Many, Back To The Old Grind! Everyone else, enjoy your day off!!

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Tsquared said...

I do have the day off on Monday but my boss contacted me for a report on how the winter storm had affected the roads. It's metro Atlanta, we have all of the Carpetbaggers from the north east that have the mindset that they can drive on snowy roads. But this is GA and we do not have the sand/salt spreaders or the winterized asphalt and winter tires on vehicles so the only people out driving around are idiots. Luckily the sleet/snow icy mix has been melting as fast as it drops with only an inch of accumulation and none on the roads.

BTW: I have been in the house all day in my pajamas. The ATL has the most live video cameras of any metro area in the nation.