Friday, October 16, 2009

Crankin' It Up

Start the weekend with a snappy Fox-Trot! "Out Of The East" is the flip side of the record we posted last Friday, and it is a peppy one. Have a great weekend!


Home on the Range said...

Dad still has a collection of records at his house. I imagine there's some classics in there.

Does anyone even manufacture record players any more??

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Your best bet is to keep your eyes open at rummage sales and auctions for an intact phonograph. You can have the tone head and motor rebuilt by the folks at the 'needle link' on the left side. Tone head rebuilds are affordable, but rebuilding the motor costs more than I would want in the entire machine. Brunswicks and Victrolas are my favorites. If you can find an Orthophonic Victrola you will have the best phonograph of the pre-electric era.