Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Is Not Enough!

There is good news over on The Firearm Blog for folks who want to enjoy lots of inexpensive practice with a pistol that is just like their self defense packing piece. Smith and Wesson is now shipping their new PK380 (below), which is almost identical in size and operation to their popular P22 (above).
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Both of these models are moderately priced, and the only difference I can see in the operation besides the caliber is that the .380 does not have the magazine safety that is part of the .22 pistol. There have been complaints on the internet about the P22 having problems with the slide breaking because it is made of a zinc alloy. Most P22 owners love the little gun and have no problem; Smith and Wesson has been very responsive in making things right with customers who have had problems. The PK380 has a steel slide, so dependability should be a non-issue with the new model.
My limited experience with a P22 showed that the little gun is very dependable, but it does not like cheap, unplated .22 ammo. I never had a bobble as long as it was stoked with Mini-Mags or Velocitors. Takedown for cleaning is easy if you read the directions, and so is the re-assembly. Call your favortite gun shop and load up. You will be well practiced, and well armed!

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