Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something For Everyone

Engine shows always have a nice variety of old vehicles, many of them driven regularly, some that the owners don't want you to touch, and others that are obviously recreational. I like ones like this first T that are driven and shown, and look like farm and family cars of eighty years ago.

This one is a bit rougher, but it does appear to have new upholstery, and you only need a brick or a sandrock to polish it. It's most at home hauling chickens or goats to market.

This A Model is pretty special with its side-mount spares. I am surprised that it was left unguarded. My dad spoke often of a 1931 Buick he had before he was drafted in 1945. It was in good shape, and was a fancy model with side-mount spares like this A. He couldn't get tires for it because of rationing, and he lost track of it when he went into the army. Oh Well, or words to that effect. I think that is why he liked to look at old cars. He never did see one like it again.

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