Friday, July 20, 2012

Load Your Range Bag For Mr. Completely's July e-Postal Match!

It seems like another life now, but many years ago, I was lying in wait for a groundhog to pop out of its hole, when my hunting buddy whispered, "Don't shoot it in the head."  I asked, "Why not?" and he answered, "Because Daddy eats the brains."  So it is with squirrels.  Head shot, or heart/lungs.  The boiler room is a bigger target, but you may destroy some meat; a head shot must be done perfectly, or passed up.

Billll, of BillsIdleMind demonstrates that he can pull off either shot to take his squirrels cleanly, and maybe serve up squirrels to his dinner guests with head on, or off, depending on individual preferences.  I'll take a hind leg, if you don't mind, Billll.

See if you can show up Billll by shooting the July target, and send your scans to me.  Follow This Link for the contest rules and target.  We will post the results early in August.

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