Monday, July 9, 2012

More Great Instruction From Ruger!

Lorie, Il Ling, and Dave have been busy cranking out videos to guide shooters; three more in the last three weeks.  Thank You Ruger!

I don't have any personal experience with ankle holsters, but many years ago, a friend bought an ankle holster to carry his Smith Airweight, and carried it that way one day on the fireline. Personally, if you and all your friends around you are carrying Pulaskis, I don't think you need a gun to deal with threats in the wilderness, but he did; for ONE day. The rest of that trip, his pistol stayed in camp. But, I guess using one of these holsters is a good skill to have, depending on your circumstances. We can't always be carrying Pulaskis around with us, at least not in an urban landscape.

If you have read this far, I have a hot deal for you. The Ace Hardware store in Washington, Iowa  (Click for address, phone, and map.) sells guns in their sporting goods section, and they have a couple of Ruger Charger pistols. These pistols are based on the ultra-dependable 10-22 action, and are meant for plinking, informal target shooting, and squirrel hunting.  Ruger's suggested retail price on these firearms is $389, and I recently saw one in a large sporting retail outlet priced at $350.  The Ace Hardware store has had these on inventory for too long, and the price is reduced all the way down to $250!  If you are an Iowa resident who wants one of these fine pistols, you better head to Washington soon.  I don't expect them to stay in the display case for very long at this price.

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