Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go West, Young Man... the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno.  It's less than two months away now, and you need to make your travel plans, and register with Mr. Completely.  

The Rendezvous is not just for bloggers; it is a fantastic meeting for anyone who enjoys shooting or just following the shooting related blogs.  The days at Reno are packed with activities and range trips, but the focus of the event is fundraising for Project Valour-IT, which was begun by Major Chuck Ziegenfuss.

Project Valour-IT provides voice activated laptops for injured troops and has provided thousands of computers over the last several years.  Register and make your travel plans; it's the most fun you will ever have on a brief vacation.

If you have the time, you can beat the high prices of the airlines by taking the train!  I did some checking on the Amtrak site, and found that a one-way ticket from Chicago is only $140.  You can board at many stops between Chicago and Reno, but you can check baggage at only a few stations.  Click this link for the timetable to view those stops.  You can carry firearms with you in checked bags, but you must board at the right stations to do that.  The Amtrak station in Reno is only TWO blocks from the Silver Legacy Hotel-Casino, so you won't even need to hire a cab when you arrive in Nevada. 

California Zephyr
Departs: 2:00 PM                                    Arrives: 8:36 AM
Mon Sep 03 2012                                   Wed Sep 05 2012
Chicago, IL - Union Station  (CHI)          Reno, NV  (RNO)     Duration: 44 hr, 36 mi:    $140.00

From Ottumwa, Iowa:   Departs: 6:53 PM
                                     Mon Sep 03 2012
                                     Ottumwa, IA  (OTM)    $133.00  (No Baggage Check at Ottumwa)
Click Here for a detailed timetable of the Zepyhr, and to see which stops you must use to check baggage.
The prohibited items list is not an exhaustive list. Any item that is similar to the prohibited items below, even if not specifically mentioned, is also prohibited. Amtrak personnel may determine if an item not mentioned in this list is prohibited.
Item Type Carry On Checked Bags

Firearms or ammunition
*Black powder, percussion caps or any ammunition used with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion-cap ignition system or similar type are never permitted; this includes self-loaded, gunpowder-based modern ammunition.
   No     Yes

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