Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost A Ghost

We are beset by strokes, it seems.  The Mrs.' father, then Toopie; the Mrs.' mother, and now Bart.  I had just returned from Iowa Monday night (Labor Day) when I heard Bart fall behind me, and I witnessed him struggling to get up as his tail twisted to the left.  I put him in a soft bed, and in about ten minutes, he was up and wobbling around.  I took Tuesday off and took him to the vet, and now every morning I pill him to keep his heart in rhythm and to thin his blood.  Pilling a cat is not something you take lightly.  I had the vet give me a good lesson, and so far, Bart takes it well.  Before I pick him up by the scruff of his neck I repeat to myself, "All Cats Are Always Loaded."  Bart is worth the risk.

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Anonymous said...

Had to wrap the short-haired Calico up in a towel cylindrically and hold her, whilst the wife shot the ampecillen syringe down the maw.