Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr. Completely Makes The News!

Photo by Justin Burnett, South Whidbey Record; used with permission
Mr. Completely was recently interviewed by Justin Burnett, reporter for the South Whidbey Record, the local paper on Whidbey Island.  Justin took the great picture you see here, shot some steel with Mr. C, and wrote a great article.  You can read the it on the South Whidbey Record's website HERE and read about the interview on Mr. Completely's blog RIGHT HERE.
Hop over to the article, and leave a positive comment while you are there.  I sure do appreciate it when a newspaper publishes positive articles about shooting, and we need to provide positive feedback. 
Many thanks to the South Whidbey Record and Mr. Burnett for granting permission to post their photograph and allowing linkage from this little blog to their publication.

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