Sunday, September 2, 2012

True Blue Sam Steals One...

...from his cousin Tammy.  Bea's brother Bernie is one of the conductors who will punch your ticket on the Midwest Central, and here we see him with his kids Tim and Tammy.  Mom and I skipped Old Threshers this year, (and stole this picture from Tammy's Facebook post) since Bea was just a few days out of the hospital, but we didn't sit around and mope.  Mom and I spent the weekend at an Appleseed event, and got thoroughly exercised standing up and getting down for prone and sitting; then running out to change targets.  Mom is now conversant with Inches, Minutes, and Clicks, and has a thorough understanding of how we sighted in her new scope with only two three shot groups.  (We don't need no stinking laser!)  We didn't have time for video or photos during the instructional periods, but we did bring home some targets worth keeping.  The True Blue Sam Team hopes that all of our loyal readers are having as fine a holiday weekend as we are. 

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