Monday, March 4, 2013

Historic Moment At The Engine Shed

Susan and I were invited to an exclusive affair at a classified location over the weekend, and we were thrilled to be part of an historic crank-up event. The engine you see the guys fussing over was an incomplete pile of parts just one year ago. Several parts were cast and machined, a magneto had to be purchased, and there has been plenty of cleaning, fitting and assembling. This 6 HP IHC Titan came from Floyd County in Eastern Kentucky, where it was used to power a stone bur mill. Every neighborhood in the hills had a mill where the locals could have corn ground for bread, and for mash to make moonshine. This video is a collaboration. I shot some of it, Susan did, too, and Gary, the engine owner and restorer shot the final part from 2:10 on, where the engine is finally coaxed into firing for the first time in sixty or seventy years.

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