Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smilin' Ain't Always Easy

 Susan's mother, Pat, had a serious stroke in July, 2012.  A month later there was a lot of uncertainty about the future.  Pat's left arm barely moved, and she could walk short distances with assistance. 

Strokes paralyze half your body, and the effort to smile can be brutal.  Half your face won't respond, and smiling looks more like a grimace.  Attitude is hard to build with the broken connections in your head.

Support from family is crucial to recovery and having a chance for a decent quality of life.  Pat is now able to cook eggs and bacon for breakfast, and use the bread maker to turn out a nice loaf.  That left hand is working pretty well, considering that it was paralyzed last July.  A Schipperke helps more than you can imagine!  (Teddy and Liza are important, too, but there is just something about a Schipperke.)

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