Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Steam: Accessorizing Again

 Traction engines came from the factories with two ways to feed water to the boiler.  Most engines had two injectors, but some had a crosshead pump, or steam powered feedwater pump plus an injector, but engines always had some combination of these devices so the engineer could replace the water in the boiler.

Penberthy injectors were a very common brand, and that is the brand that I have experience with.  Steam engine owners were a lot like auto owners who like to tinker and improve their ride, so markets developed for accessories to improve performance.  Ads in the old Thresherman magazines cover important engine components like governors and feedwater devices, plus boiler additives, grease and oil products, belting for powering threshers and sawmills, and just about anything steam and threshing related.  Think I'll go shopping for some automatic grease cups

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