Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothin' But Trouble

Some of the problem critters that come around for handouts don't show their faces until 3 AM.  Staying up all night to shoot them doesn't work, so we trap the crafty ones.  I hope I took him far enough.  Coons carry some nasty diseases and parasites, and we don't want them around our pets, or in our outbuildings.  Coons and possums both like to leave their calling cards in barns instead of stepping outdoors; even a groundhog knows better than that.

Speaking of groundhogs, I almost stepped on one in the north barn last week.  Surprised me as much as it did her.  Groundhogs were living in that barn when we came here, and I leave them alone.  A bonus you get with groundhogs is a constant resupply of dens for other animals, like rabbits and foxes.  And groundhogs have the good sense not to come begging for meals at the house.

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