Thursday, August 1, 2013

July e-Postal Scores Are Up At Billll's Idle Mind

The July scores are up over at Billll's Idle Mind (Click); this was Billll's first time hosting Mr. C's monthly shooting match, and it was a good contest.  It was also a first for me, because I finally managed to make all the points on one of my targets (It was close, though).  Good thing for me that Mr. C didn't get one in, because he would have figured a way to make 25 points.

Really big news; my little brother Chester the jeweler has entered his first match, and he did pretty well.  He takes after our mother (Bea) and he shoots a .45.  I see that Danno and his son both shot the match with a Single-Six, a favorite of mine.  I have been neglecting my Single-Six of late because of cataracts.  I shoot much better sighting through glass nowadays, and have been letting the iron-sighted guns rest.  My eyes aren't bad enough for surgery yet, but it is a frustration.  Danno, if you haven't installed a lighter trigger return spring on that Single-Six, unhook one side of the factory spring before your next range session.  Jeff Quinn at calls it a Poor-Boy Trigger Job, and it will put your trigger pull between 2 and 3 pounds.

The August contest will be up shortly over at Carteach0.

Many Thanks, Billll, for hosting a great match!

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