Monday, August 26, 2013

August e-Postal Deadline Coming Up!

August 31 is coming up at the end of the week, so you need to get out and shoot your target for the Mr. Completely e-Postal contest by Saturday evening.  This target is more special than you can know.  Mrs. True Blue Sam's mother, Pat, suffered a bad stroke a year ago, and has made great progress.  Her left hand is still weak, her left eye doesn't really see well, and she doesn't have the strength to stand and hold a pistol at arm's length, but recovery is all about adapting, so that is what we did.  This was the first time Pat had ever shot a pistol, but with a little coaching she was able to put most of her shots into the circles by shooting off a sand bag.

These monthly contests are good practice for all, and are also a great way to show new shooters  how to have a good time.  Click HERE, or use the link on the left side of this page to download your target and join in the fun.

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