Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Well, you shouldn't be.  The surprise lilies around the old homesite have been popping up every summer for over 100 years.  Cora would have planted these sometime after she and Green Berry bought the farm in 1903.  These flowers are always a joy to see every summer.  You can just barely see a pecan tree behind the chainlink on the left side of the photo. It is well over two feet in diameter, and was a nut poked into the ground in 1945.  The pin oak you see on the right side of the photo is also well over two feet in diameter, and I remember it in 1975 when it was just 1 1/2" in diameter.  Jack is Head of Ranch Security since HeyJoe died last year.  Jack was two years old when he bounced into his compound in '08.  He's smart, brave, and can sleep peacefully with cats walking all over him.

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