Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Call It!

A:  Ramshackle
B: Airish
C: Threadbare
D: Hardly Able

This one has been in my sights for many years, and as I came up on it this time, a quick check of the rear-view mirror was clear!  I hit the shoulder and got my shot. 


gsc1039 said...

None of the above! That silo is beautiful! I wonder what type of tile/stone that might be?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Ceramic blocks and pavers were made in several factories in Southern Illinois and Indiana. There are a few serious collectors of pavers. Albion Block, made at Albion, Illinois is a common one. I think Egyptian Blocks were made in the Carbondale-Marion area. I always liked the name, Purington Paver, but have no idea where they were made.

A retired friend's father lined up a job for him (during his college years) at the Albion Block factory. His first day on the job was spent unloading a railroad car full of dry clay....with a shovel. He asked me if I knew what you get when you unload a railroad car with a shovel; and the answer is "Another car to unload!" His summer job paid for most of his schooling at the University of Illinois, and his chosen field of dentistry was a joy after shoveling clay for several summers.