Saturday, April 5, 2014

e-Postal Tactics

Trying for the big points on an e-Postal target can be a challenge.  The March target had these little 25 point bullseyes in the corners, and I didn't even try for them with my iron-sighted pistols.  The Mk III has a good red dot sight, though and I made a couple attempts.  The sight is dialed in for 25 yards, and the target was set up at 25 feet, so an allowance for elevation had to be figured in.  Using the taco grip on the gun, I placed the bottom of the crosshair in the circle, and was a bit high.  Only one bullet touched the circle, for 25 points.

For the second attempt I put the bullseye between the cross and the bottom of the crosshair, and made three touches, but boy does that require some concentration!  For my third attempt, I went for the easy points.

The ten-ring is not too difficult when you are using a good red-dot sight; that allowed me to relax a bit too much, and I pulled off one shot to barely make a 9.

These monthly contests are good practice for all of us, and they will remind you how each of your pistols shoots, so be sure to join in the fun.  Mr. Completely will not be posting the results of March until some time next week, so feel free to shoot the March target and send your scans in to him.  The April contest is Right Here, so you can shoot them both in one range trip

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