Monday, April 7, 2014


Good comments make blogging and YouTubing worthwhile, and on a little blog like this one, the mailbox ususally echoes like Charley Brown's.  But today we got a good one.  My little brother shared one of the cat bite slide shows with a friend who just agreed to cat-sit.  Here is what he had to say after seeing the results of a cat bite:

Here are photos of the progression from Day 1 to Day 15. Surgery was on Day 7. The picc line will come out this week, and then I can go back to work.

I have handled the cat that bit me since I've been home....with WELDING GLOVES! I sure don't want to repeat this experience.


Anonymous said...

That is beyond a shadow of a doubt the ugliest cat bite I have ever seen! Thank God none of mine turned that bad!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

One doctor told me that monkey bites are even worse. Any stray monkeys that show up on the farm will be DOA.