Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Most Sincerely....

How many of you grew up driving a car with the master cylinder under the floorboard?  You had to get down on your knees, peel back the floor mat and struggle to get a wrench on the cap.

Seeing the level of brake fluid was difficult, and it was easy to spill when you topped off.
This old pickup is a pretty sad case, and not much is worth anything.

One good piece of glass.

The grill might help someone who is desperate.

A little bit of good chrome!

The gutter over the door is good, but you have to find new mirrors.

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Anonymous said...

Brake master under the floorboard - just like my 1953 Studebaker pickup.

To make up for that, the dash was one piece of flat sheet metal. Open the hood and ALL of the wiring was exposed, along with the front side of the instruments. It was super easy to work on. AHH, for the good old days!