Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pop A Pair Of Postals, and Send Mr. Completely Get-Well-Wishes!
 If you have been checking Mr. Completely's blog you know by now that he is in the hospital because of triple bypass surgery.  Because of that, he hasn't posted the March scores yet, so I want you all to show Mr. C some love and send him more targets to score when he is up and around.  I know nothing would make him happier than getting a bunch of Well-Wishes in his In Box with target scans attached.  So, head over to his blog, roll down the page to his March e-Postal instructions and print your targets.  Do it this weekend, because he will be up and around soon, ending the March contest by posting the scores.
While you are making preparations to head to the range be sure and print out the April target from the Couserveative UAW Guy's blog, and shoot that contest tool  These monthly contests are great for honing your trigger skills, and you will enjoy the fellowship with bloggers and blog followers.

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