Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Shooters

The Mk II bushing is a neat little stocking stuffer that will be well appreciated by any Mk III owner. The bushing (Dark Object Above) replaces the magazine safety (Shiny Parts above the bushing), allowing Mk III pistols to fire with the magazine removed, just like the earlier Mk I and Mk II Ruger pistols. It does a couple other things that make it a good accessory. The magazine safety interferes with magazine changes because it makes the magazine reluctant to fall free when you push the latch. You have to grab the magazine and pull it out rather than it falling out. The bushing also prevents a good many feeding malfunctions. The mag safety makes seating magazines an iffy proposition, and it is common to fire your first shot and then the gun goes 'click' on the next shot. This happens because the mag safety offers some resistance to seating a  magazine, and they don't always latch in right. The first shot makes the magazine drop down slightly and then you don't get a fresh cartridge when the slide goes forward. It's all very frustrating, but is easily cured with the Mk II bushing.

One more benefit is that your Mk III is easier to tear down and reassemble after installation of the bushing because you no longer have to slip magazines in and out to make the the hammer fall. There are many videos online that show how to disassemble a Mk III, and we will do one for this blog soon, showing how to install this little device, so have no fear of tearing down a Mk III if you order one of these.

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Merle Morrison said...

Luckily mine are MK 1 and 2 only.