Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Shooters: Grip-Master

Hard to believe, but MidwayUSA has dropped this great shooting accessory. I guess folks aren't buying it from their website. I keep one by my computer and use it regularly on both hands. Susan uses it, too, and it not only strengthens your fingers, it is like concentrated dry-fire practice, so it improves your ability to stay on target as you squeeze. These come in several different strengths, and I recommend the Light and Medium for most people. You can do a much longer practice session each time with the Light model, and it is the right one for elderly or partially disabled shooters. You can buy it direct from ProHands, or do a search and pay less than suggested retail elsewhere.

Improve your trigger pull even more!

The Daisy Model 25 is a great tool for practicing trigger squeeze and follow through, and you can shoot it all winter long in your garage or basement. It has a peep sight, so you can dial it in close, and you can see the BB going to the target, which really teaches you proper follow through technique. Just be sure you use a target and backer that does not allow ricochets, wear your eye-pro, and shoot where you won't break a window. You can find these HERE, and probably many other places if you do a search.

I like this design much better than any other BB gun on the market. The Model 25 is accurate, dependable, and you keep it pointed toward the target while cocking/reloading. The lever action models sweep all over the place while you cock them, and that's a problem you don't want on your indoor shooting range.

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Merle Morrison said...

When I was growing up one of my buddies had an uncle who was a cop in Cleveland, Ohio. When he came to visit oftentimes a confiscated BB gun came along. The pump gun was widely recognized as king of the mountain. AHH, the memories.