Friday, December 25, 2015

Susan Started Christmas Early, Or, How The Schipperke Stole Christmas

 "Who, ME?"

We were packing up last night for a trip into St. Louis, and about eleven o'clock Susan made a repeat run into the back bedroom to box up a cake she had made the day before. Little Skipper had beat her to it by several minutes.  Skipper just recently started table surfing and we haven't quite made all the adjustments to our behavior that are needed. We were more worried about his liver and gallbladder than losing a cake, but he seems just fine today.

The Platter Of Shame!

Susan salvaged what she could of her cake to eat here at home and went right to work on another cake. She made it into bed a little after 1:00 this morning. She says she saw Santa. Her new cake was just as beautiful as the first one. Skipper still can't get the silly grin off his face.

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