Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ruger Mk III Magazine Disconnect

Here we are, as promised, changing out the magazine safety on a Mk III for a bushing that lets you drop the hammer with no magazine in the pistol. You gain other benefits from this, and I explain them in the video.  As usual, this is a one-take vid, so you get to see the rough spots. I put a spring clip on the manual safety to keep it in place, and that was a mistake. If it falls off, just put it back. The aggravation of the clip popping loose is worse than replacing the safety when it comes out.  The hammer position is the big bugaboo for folks reassembling one of these, and you get to share the joy with me when I don't realize the hammer is cocked as I try to put the mainspring back in place. Oh Well. You get a better lesson for all that!  Pour a cup of coffee and watch how it goes.

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