Sunday, June 19, 2016

Down The Rat Hole Of History

The Morrison Mill began operation in 1833, and continued until 1964 in the same family. The stone bur mill for corn meal was installed in 1859, and when we visited in 1987 it was still in place.  The owner operated the mill on a limited basis as a local tourist attraction and handed out one pound bags of meal.  There is also machinery for making flour and rolled oats on the upper floor.  It was quite an operation in its day.

Those days are gone, and I heard that the building was falling in on itself.  The bur mill is probably salvageable if someone can afford a crane to reach in and pluck it out.  That's not likely.  This Nineteenth Century factory is going down the tube.

Click to enlarge.  You can see the main line shaft in this shot.  The bur mill for corn meal is just below that on the first floor.

Ain't no goin' back for this old grind.


Merle Morrison said...

HMMM, I wonder if they are/were related?
It's a shame to see history rotting away.
Did the owners pass away & the kids weren't interested?


David aka True Blue Sam said...

The fellow that last ran it did not have the same name....fwiw. I
I plan to do some checking, but my pockets are not deep enough to do any salvage.

David aka True Blue Sam said...
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