Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Dog In Its Proper Habitat!

                                         Photo Credit: Eric Janssen; used with permission.

Every dog lover should be following Eric Janssen on Facebook, and also I Love Schipperkes, where Eric also posts photos of his travels with the faithful barge dog, Saartje the Schipperke.  This is the part of the world where Schipperkes were bred.  Schipperkes are well known as ratters for shopkeepers, homes, and barges that moved goods on the waterways of  Belgium and the Netherlands.  Schips are very brave watchdogs known for never backing down from someone threatening their home and family.  Saartje is living the dream life of a Schipperke, and I wish I could go across the ocean and get to know Eric and his dog.  But, we can live the dream through the pictures he posts, and the television shows that are documenting their travels.

Our Schipperkes are all landlubbers, and dream only of chasing squirrels.  We don't want fleas, so we don't allow them to be squirrel dogs, though they would be excellent with their keen eyesight and quick nerves.

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