Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bottomland Tree Planting

All of my tree plantings this spring are bottomland projects, and we had a wet spring.  Sumer is icumen in, and it feels too late to be tree planting, but it was delayed by flooding and wet ground.  This project is in the Elm River bottoms, the wettest of wet bottomlands in the counties where I work.  The Elm was just barely in its banks when we started on this one.  The contractor put rice tires on his tractor and he was able to plant most of the project he finished today.  The tires are too big for him to use his front wheel assist because the ground speeds of the tires are out of sync, but this setup was just what was needed.  He is on our last project now (On the Skillet Fork of the Little Wabash) and will finish up this weekend.  We prefer planting trees when you have to bundle up, but if we get a few rains in the next couple weeks we will be OK.

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