Thursday, April 27, 2017

Eleven Shot In St. Louis Last Weekend...

...and several of them dead. Click  It scares me to go into St. Louis nowadays.  About forty years ago I drove through St. Louis on my way to East Kentucky, and it was late at night. Going over the Mississippi, a car got on my tail and I could see when we passed lights that there were three big Afro haircuts in that car.  They followed me well into Illinois, and it gave me an educational scare. I did learn from this that I can load a single action revolver in the dark while I am driving 55 MPH, with someone on my tail.  They finally backed off and I keep my head on a swivel to this day.  Be alert, be prepared, stay alive. Here are a couple of Colin Flaherty's latest videos.

Routine Activity Theory

Aberrant Behavior?

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Merle Morrison said...

Seems like some just want to start trouble, or a race war.