Monday, March 30, 2020

Tuesday Torque: Novo Engines With Water Pump Are Rare!

We sold our 8 HP Novo to our friend Gary many years ago, and he put it back in running order pretty quickly in spite of some challenging problems.  It came with a two cylinder, single acting water pump that is still frozen up tight, so Gary has not put it back with the engine.  I looked around on YouTube and I can't find another like it, though I did find this 6 HP model with a similar pump arrangement.

Farm engines often survived because they were stashed away in a shed or barn, but industrial engines were parked out in the weeds or sold for scrap when their useful days were done.  Maybe some day Gary can figure out how to make that iron move again without breaking.  It's a challenge, that's for sure!

                                                         That's Snaggle, a fine little cat.


Merle said...

that i a pretty serious water pump!

B said...

Was it a sprayer engine/pump combination?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The one Gary Bahre has was used by an oil driller near Redbush, KY, in Johnson County. It was used to pump water for drilling uphill to drilling sites. The hills there are about 200 feet. Susan and I were given a tour of some of the power houses the fellow was still operating, and I spotted the Novo sitting at the foot of a hill amongst other oilfield things. After we moved to Illinois I called the guy and bought the engine. Susan's father went with me in the old GMC pickup truck to fetch it and bring it home.