Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Hot Diggity!

Most people are trying hard to return to normal, at least out where we live.  The plumber is coming tomorrow and our latest hole-in-the-yard is waiting for him.  That was a lot of dirt to move by hand, but at least it was moist and easy to dig.

The Mt. Vernon Public Works guys were in front of our veterinarian's office, widening the driveway and installing a new culvert.

One of our local acquaintances has a trackhoe and bulldozer business.  He met a truck as he passed one of our farm fields, moved over, and the soft shoulder pulled him into the ditch.  His luck held and his hoe did not roll over, but it was close.  He had to knock some trees out of our little shelter belt in righting his machine, but we are ready to retire those trees anyhow. 

He had it ready to load up again when we left him. I hope all of our readers can see normalcy at the end of the tunnel soon.

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