Friday, November 2, 2007

Enjoy Long Walks?

Here is a handy item you can’t afford to be without if you go off the hard road: the Hi-Lift Jack. I don’t use mine for lifting very often. Usually I am using it as winch. It is very handy for stretching fence, or straightening timbers in a slouching barn, but it really shines when it pulls me out of a hole, ditch or other off-road jam. If you stow one of these in your vehicle along with some chains and tow straps you can perform self-rescues and return home on four wheels.

Winches are expensive, and you can't have one on every vehicle you drive, but this bad boy can go with you in any vehicle. I dropped a wheel into a hole the other day and my truck was down on the frame. The first time this happened to me (29 years ago), I had a nice long walk and had plenty of time to contemplate my folly in unpreparedness. Walking is great when I am looking at timber, but walking for help is bad for the spirit. This time I winched out with my jack, and was back on the road in short order.

You can order one of these from:

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