Sunday, February 17, 2008

Poets' Corner

Today's selection demonstrates that there really aren't too many new jokes; just old ones recycled. I received this joke a few weeks ago in an e-mail, told as a couple of elderly individuals going through red lights.

mehitabel s parlor story

boss did you
hear about the two drunks
who were riding in
a ford or something
equally comic
and the ford or
whatever it was nearly
went off the
road one of
the drunks poked the
other and said thickly
they always talk thickly in
these stories
anyway he said hey look
out how youre driving
youll have us in
the ditch in a minute if
you dont look out
why said the second
drunk who was drunker
i thought you
were driving i got
that from mehitabel the
cat its the first parlor
story ive ever heard
her tell and ive known
her for five or six
years now


From: the lives and times of archy & mehitabel by don marquis,
doubleday doran & co. inc., garden city, new york, 1933

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