Friday, February 22, 2008

Thought Process

I saw this image on a blog from Colorado which is mostly about skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational activities. Ski areas have always fascinated me when I see them, because I have never heard of any protestors trying to stop one from being constructed, and there are a lot of acres of trees wiped out to make a ski area. A few posts away from this picture, the blogger was telling about Outdoor magazine dropping the use of subscription cards. He was glad because they were going to be SAVING TREES! Another post showed a mountain biker on a trail where at least a foot of soil had eroded away from hiker and biker use. The blogger didn't mention saving soil; he probably is not aware of the recreational impact on the great outdoors. While he is having a micro brew in the lodge tomorrow I will be cutting more firewood. The last time I looked, my trees were getting farther ahead of me. If he drinks light beer, is he saving barley?

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