Wednesday, October 22, 2008

August E-Postal Results!

I think all of the entries have been forwarded to me, and we had a pretty good contest. We had some ties for points, and I placed them in order of the number of edge strikes, and I must tell you that it is difficult splitting out placement for nearly equal targets.

Shooting Categories:
Class 1. Rimfire Iron: Rimfire pistols with iron sights
Class 2. Rimfire open: rimfire pistols with optical sights
Class 3. Centerfire iron: Non-compensated centerfire pistols with iron sights.
Class 4. Centerfire open: Centerfire pistols with either a compensator or optical sights - that means an iron sighted compensated gun shoots in Centerfire open.

Class 1: Rimfire pistol; iron sights

GaryA, MSgt. USAF, Ret: Ruger MkII 90 points
BillH, FreeInIdaho: High Standard 80 points
Sailorcurt, Captain of a Crew of One: S & W Model 22a 75 points
Danno: Ruger 22/45 65 points
GaryA, MSgt. USAF, Ret: Ruger Single Six 55 points
True Blue Sam: Ruger Single Six 5 ½ 50 Points
Engineering Johnson: Walther P-22 3 1/2” 45 points
Engineering Johnson: Ruger Single Six 5 ½” 40 points
True Blue Sam: Walther P-22 3 ½” 30 points
Tootsie: Ruger Single Six 5 ½ 10 points

Class 2: Rimfire Open Results; Rimfire pistol, optical sights

Mr. Completely: High Standard Supermatic Citation 100 points
C-More Red Dot Sight 6 MOA

Class 3: Non-Compensated Centerfire Pistol; Iron Sights

Manfred von Richtofen: Colt Python .357 65 points; no edge shots
Sailorcurt, Captain of a Crew of One: CZ vz.82 9x18 65 points; 1 edge shot
Xavier: Manhurin .357 55 points
BillH, FreeInIdaho: Glock 27 50 points; 1 edge shot
Danno: Taurus PT-92 50 points; 4 edge shots
Engineering Johnson: Ruger Redhawk 5 ½” .44 mag 35 points
Engineering Johnson: Springfield 1911 5” .45 ACP 35 points
Engineering Johnson: Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8” .38 Sp 30 points

Class 4: Centerfire Open (compensated and/or optic sights)

No Entries

If you entered and are not listed, please contact me at I will add your score asap. If you want a link added to your name for a blog or website, let me know and I will do that, too.


Mr. Completely said...

Thanks, Sam, for getting these scores sorted out and posted. We all really appreciate it!

.... Mr. C.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

You are most welcome! You are a marvel with that High Standard!

Manfred said...

Thank you very much Sam.

Your blog is nice, I am listening to hoosier sweatheart now.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Manfred: You are welcome. I started blogging so I could post my old records, and they are always titled Crankin' It Up. I have since found that there are several You Tubers who post these old records, so I usually post someone else's record every week, and do one of my own on Friday evening.

That was good shooting; be sure to enter the October contest!