Sunday, October 19, 2008

Range Time! E-Postal Updates

Time's a wasting! October is more than half gone, so just in case you have not shot your targets for Mr. Completely's E-Postal match, you should follow the link on his blog, (or here) download the target, and go to the range with your favorite shooting irons. This month you are allowed to shoot from any position, and you get to use a distance multiplier. You can shoot at 10 yards, or 1000, or any distance in between. Think hard about the distance that is optimal to make a tight group with each gun you use so you can maximize your scores. Scan the targets, send them off, and you will have bragging rights. The only shame is in not entering.

If you have been waiting for the August E-Postal results, I have a deal for you. Resend your scans, photos or scores from you August targets to me at: .
I will tabulate the scores and deliver them to Mr. Completely, and also post them on this blog. I will tabulate the results as of the end of this week, so tell all your shooting friends who may have participated to look through their sent mail, forward the targets to me, and the results will be up soon.

UPDATE! CLICK HERE for the link to the results.

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