Monday, October 4, 2010

...And Boy Are My Arms Tired!

Bea completed her concealed carry class on Saturday, and she was a bit surprised that everyone had to run 100 rounds through the gun they rode in with. (We thought it was 30.)  Mom was glad she has Hogue grips on her Blackhawk, since she was shooting factory .45's instead of her reloads, and she was still all smiles after the workout.  The .45 Blackhawk was the biggest gun in the class, and Mom had instant street cred when she strapped it on.  There were some .38's, some .40's, and one fellow brought a .22.  After raising her revolver up to fire 100 times, she had to feel like the guy who "Just flew in from Denver!"

Chad, the instructor, works for the Washington County Sheriff's Department, and he puts on a good class.  Mom can apply for her permit under the new Iowa law after January 1, 2011.  


strandediniowa said...

Congrats, Bea.

Showing up the guy with the 22, eh?

Were there many ladies taking classes down there? It seems to be disproportionally male around here.

(And no scheduled classes yet)

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Mom's shooting buddy was the only other woman in the class. Eight people had signed up, and there were two no-shows. This was the last class scheduled by the Washington County Sheriff's Dept. this year. Kudos to them for jumping in to support the new shall issue law!