Thursday, December 6, 2012

Excitement On Bea's Daily Walk

This week there was an armed robbery at a restaurant that Mom walks past every day, and then there was a meth lab bust on the Washington, Iowa square (CLICK). The local cops set up a privacy tarp around the busted ones and decontaminated them with a fire hose. It was 40 degrees, and then they had to sit on park benches in the cold temps while the police finished processing the crime scene. I do feel bad about the dogs, who also had to be washed down, and now have had their world turned upside down by these druggies. It doesn't matter how good your neighborhood is, the people who do bad things are mobile and can turn up anywhere. If you live in a concealed carry state, get your permit, and carry your gun. If you follow the gun blogs you know that folks never get tired of arguing the important points to consider for the perfect carry gun. There are a lot of right answers, and right now, I have a couple of firearms ready to go if they are necessary, and I know that Mom has three at her disposal. Look at your situation, do the necessary research, and figure out what you need for your personal protection.


Julie H. said...

Although we are in a nice part of town, supposedly sometimes heroin junkies or homeless teens find there way around here (I've yet to see any), but I would rather have my CCW and not need it than need it and not have it.

Even if someone can't afford their CCW, is anti-gun, or underage, there is always pepper spray (check with state and local laws before giving it to minors). We've made it a rule that K. has pepper spray on her any time she leaves...the cartridge is even pink LOL

Rob H. said...

If you don't live in a CCW state (there is only one)...MOVE! :)