Friday, December 7, 2012

...Lives In Infamy...

Pearl Harbor Day affects you whether or not you acknowledge it. Susan's Father and his friends went to a Marine recruiter soon after Pearl Harbor, and O.T. went to war. He saw New Zealand, Guadalcanal, and other islands in the Pacific, and fought on Bouganville, Guam, and Iwo Jima. He strung phone lines, and was always in front of the front, relying on his .45 and Kabar more than his M1 to survive. His brothers also served. Maurice was a SeaBee, Donny served on a seaplane tender, and his little brother Lloyd served on a gun crew on the USS Colorado. When the Colorado was scrapped, some of its guns were placed on the USS Olympia. We just learned this recently, and now we have to wonder, did Lloyd ever touch this gun that his niece, Susan touched in Philadelphia.

O.T., Donny, and Maurice all came home, but Lloyd died from the wounds he suffered during the bombardment of Tinian.  Lloyd left a widow, but no children, so Pearl Harbor Day is a sad day for us as we remember him.

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