Monday, November 17, 2014

On The Cover Of The...

...Gas Engine Magazine!  I collected this 5 HP Falk Engine while I was in high school, and we have kept it under cover all these years, though we haven't run it in forty five years.  Gary Bahre has it in his engine shed now, and he has done a beautiful restoration.  You can Click This Link to read the article in GEM, and see the photos that accompany the article.

I've been taking Gas Engine Magazine since it came out in January 1966.  Seeing the Falk engine on the front brings this Golden Oldie to mind.


B said...

You want a project?

I got a Galloway 5 HP (Round rod) engine (castings, flywheels and rod and crank and head). Missing piston and mixer and mag.

For sale. $700

Northwest Indiana.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I bet you get a few answers here! Folks, look up Mr. B here:
and let him know if you are interested. This sounds like a good project, and parts are out there for these old engines if you make the connections with other hobbyists.