Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tell A MarineThat He Can't Do Something...

...and he'll figure out a way.  Take a good look at the Marine showing off the .45 and think about that for a minute.  Marines had to hide a .45 when they weren't fighting, or it would be taken away.  My father-in-law buried his under his bed in an ammo box so he would have it when he needed it. 

The pistol is shown prominently, and the flap is tucked into the fellow's trousers.  These fellows obviously wanted folks back home to take a good look when the film was developed.

And here's why.  The wooden grips have been replaced with plexiglass, probably from a wrecked airplane, and it tells anyone with a magnifying glass where they have been, and where they are.  Pretty slick, and that roll of film went right past the censors.

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Merle Morrison said...

That was indeed pretty slick. It's never good to underestimate a GI's ingenuity.