Monday, December 22, 2014

Any Month Of The Year

Oyster mushrooms are always a pleasant surprise when we find them.  They will pop after a rain any time when it is above freezing, so we literally pick them in every month of the year.  We have had them at Thanksgiving, and this beautiful bunch appeared in in December this year.  In warm weather months you have to find them before the little black beetles consume them, and squirrels love them, too.  They keep well on the wood where they grow this time of year, and with the leaves down they are easier to spot.  This bunch is growing on a downed black oak limb, but they will grow on a variety of woods.  We have found them on hickory, ash, willow and cottonwood.  Carry a sharp knife, and string to lash your knife to a long stick, just in case the mushrooms are out of reach.


 They were Heavenly.

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